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    Is someone stealing my Slingbox connection?

    dmd3home Newbie

      I have been extremely pleased with Slingbox in the year or so I have had it and have been able to enjoy all my DVR recorded shows while on vacation in both Florida and southern California......that is, until my last trip to SoCal!

      Periodically I would lose my sling player connection repeatedly...like every 4 minutes or so. But strangely, I get a message that someone else is using my connection....do I want to disconnect them? I say yes, connect, and then all is fine for three to four minutes and then it repeats. Not always, sometimes I just lose the connection and have to reconnect. But the message about someone else using my connection is concerning.....do you suppose it's possible? Or might I get that message for another reason upon losing the current connection? I have seen that message before but only for legitimate reasons when I change devices...such as from my tv and western digital media player to my iPad without disconnecting. Also, I seem to find this problem more when I know my home network is not working at its peak....I also notice that when this occurs  I frequently can't remotely log into my home security cameras indicating there may be a problem with my home network. Maybe. But why is it telling me someone else is using my slingbox connection? Could it be that when I lose the connection, part of it thinks I'm still connected...so, when I try to reconnect it sees someone there already (me!) and gives me that message? Any suggestions? Has anyone else seen this? Additionally, I seem to have far more trouble maintaining a decent connection using my western digital media player than my iPad which seems to run like a champ. Yet, I really want to direct my slingplayer to my hd TV...not my iPad, so I can watch in full HD. What is the best sling enabled receiver/player for this application? Btw, I do have wired, gigabit connections on both ends. But, it is difficult to know where to look. Could I have latency problems at home? Or, in SoCal? Is it a problem with WD media player? (as it seems to stream fine to my iPad). Or, could someone else actually be using my connection and we are fighting back and forth to have control of it? Has anyone else had this problem? Did it get resolved?   Thanks

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          cody.sling Novice

          Hello Dan Davies,


          I just want to say you have excellent questions here.

          With the frequent disconnects from the Slingbox, there is a possibility that if you gave someone your account information you could be fighting for control of the Slingbox. However, there have been cases, where customers will receive the "Someone else is connected to the Slingbox. Would you like to disconnect them?" message when this occurs.

          If you have not given anyone your account information, it is highly unlikely that someone else is logging into the account and trying to fight over the control of the Slingbox.

          I do believe that the Slingbox/SlingPlayer is not recognizing that you have been disconnected and thinks someone else is connected, when in reality it is just yourself.


          With the Western Digital, usually the connection issues stem from the connection type the Slingbox is using. I took the liberty to run a diagnostic on the Slingbox and the connection type the Slingbox needs to stream properly to the WDtv, is operating normally. I don't want to say that the Slingbox isn't the issue, but with this information, I would try to reset the WDtv to see if that improves the connection.


          Hope this helps,



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              dmd3home Newbie

              Thanks Cody.


              Again, 6 months ago this worked outstandingly and I was sooo impressed....best thing since sliced bread! Now, it's practically unusable.


              If you mean a reboot of the WD, yes, I've tried that. And, I have not shared my Sling password with anyone!


              I have tried other connections as well. I also have a Chromecast via an iPad and this seems to work better (I'm only disconnected about every 5 or 6 mins verses every 3 mins). And, if I just watch via just the iPad, it seems to work quite well. Strange! As the iPad seems to work the best, it seems to indicate that the receiving/playing component is the weak point....though it's still dropping out while Chromecasting. I actually chose the WD because I wanted a solid connection (without these problems), hardwired, with cat6 and gigabit ethernet on both ends. I was leary of using WiFi. I want something stable and reliable!.... (so much for that).


              So, my question now is: What is the very best device to use on the receiving end? As we now have choices, there must be some that are superior. Suggestions? What have you had the best success with?


              And, is there a best way to diagnose where the problem may be? Is it at the Slingbox? The home internet? The receiving internet? The player on the receiving end?


              Thanks so much,


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              Just recently my Slingbox 500 appeared to be controlled by someone else.  And, not just not allowing me to connect.  I could actually see my Slingbox 500 running (lights on the box) and on my TV see it changing channels and worse, I received a Comcast charge for a movie I did not buy.  I had to unplug the Slingbox and then plug it back in to stop it.  Today I changed my password.  Does this mean someone was illegally using my Slingbox?

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                spartanrob Newbie

                This seems to be happening to me.  I can see my Slingbox from my desk and periodically, the lights will illuminate indicating someone is using it.  I am confident that I have not given anyone access.  I can log in with my pc or phone and 'bump them off' or just reboot the sling box.  Why is this happening?