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    Watch my other Sling Directories from my Sling TV - SlingPlayer App for SlingTV


      Hi All,


      I have 3 Sling Boxes, details below of what sources are connected. They work great, from my iPad, iPhone or Laptop I can watch any of the 3 directories to enjoy what is on at any time. When Sling Media announced the SlingTV I was excited, but I have been disappointed as I cannot view my other Slingbox directories from the SlingTV.


      I think the hardware is powerful enough to do this, so I was hoping that Sling Media would create a Sling Player app for SlingTV that would be accessed just like how I can access Blockbuster and dishworld directly from the APP folder on SlingTV. This would greatly enhance my setup and allow me to enjoy all my media in just one place.


      This is a top feature request for me at the moment, I already have a cool SlingTV connected to my TV via HDMI, I don't want to have to use a Roku or Chromecast to watch my other Directories on that same TV.


      My Setup:

      SlingTV - Connected to my Comcast Xfinity box where I live in Philadelphia, connected to my TV.

      Slingbox Solo - Connected to HomeWorx free to air box in Philadelphia.

      Slingbox Solo - Connected to UPC Horizon box in my vacation home in Ireland.



      Thanks, Luke