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    Slingbox 500 Question


      I have my slingbox connected to my Direct TV system. The genie DVR model HR44 is connected to my bedroom tv. The slingbox is connected to another direct tv receiver  and tv downstairs in the basement. This configuration still allows me to access the DVR in my bedroom. I usually use my slingbox while out of the country so its usually in the middle of the night back home when I'm accessing it. When I do access it it turns my bedroom tv on in the middle of the night while my wife is sleeping and usually wakes her up. Is there a setting on the DVR or the Slingbox where you set it to not turn any tvs on?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Definitely a DVR setting.  Remember, all the Slingbox does is transmit the identical signal that the real remote would do if it was positioned next to the Slingbox.   So you need to figure out what to do to stop it happening if you use the real remote.  I can't visualise your setup but I do know that the DirectTV boxes can be allocated different remote addresses so if you have multiple boxes only one would react to an IR signal.