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    Slingbox solo setup

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      Hi, I bought then installed the slingbox solo on my Verizon converter via A/V source.  The slingbox solo has power, a solid red light and the remote control IF cables are connected.

      Download the software for Window PC use, installed, selected a language, clicked on program start, but received a "Slingbox Directory" message: "Unable to locate slingbox,  Please ensure that WI-FI is enabled and the Ethernet cable is unplugged.  If your device does not support WI-FI, please plug in Ethernet cable to your Slinbox.  Try again."

      I click on try and receive:  Slingbox on network" "D44B9"   and "!" then same "Unable to find message."


      The Verizon converter does have a Ethernet slot to connect, but it is not a router.  The router is nearly 80 feet away.  Do I need to install SB there?  If so, will it control that other TV, which is not an option.  Can I connect SB just to the original converter A/V without that Ethernet option or do I need to buy more stuff, as in the hidden cost of ownership?

      PS: side note, this discussion writer needs a copy paste function for speed.