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      Unfortunately, I do not require any support. I have feedback but apparently there is NOTHING for providing feedback.


      My main point is the fact that there is a learning curve every time i install/use a new version of this software. Why? Why can you guys not come up with a single consistent user interface that will work on all devices??


      Also, why do I have a very stripped down version of my remote control on my desktop computer and yet seem to have the full version on the iPad? On desktop there are certain buttons/features, I have no idea how to access: like the "letter keys" (A, B, C).


      Also, why can we use the external desktop keyboard for navigation, but NOT for selection? why can't the enter key or return key be appropriate for the select key? Seems so arbitrary and inexplicable.


      Also, why do I only see an actual DVR button on one of the "mini-remotes" on the iPad, but can't seem to find anything like this on either the desktop version or the iPhone version??? The DVR is a main function for me now and it is never easy to access. And, btw, the DVR button on the iPad DOESN'T WORK. If you click the circular remote control icon on iPad you see pad with power, +/- channel, navigation/selection and then a row of buttons at the bottom (menu, dvr, exit). But, unfortunately, everything seems to work EXCEPT the row of buttons at the bottom (which, again, is the only function I am interested in having fast access.


      Finally, perhaps most annoying and inexplicable, is the fact that, if I switch between using my iPhone to my iPad, I will get a message asking if I want to disconnect the other user and start watching. However, if I try to switch from a mobile device to the desktop version, I am forced to enter a PASSWORD, in order to take over viewing!! How dumb is that?? I mean: If I am at home or at the actual location where the slingbox is located, WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME TO ENSURE I AM AN AUTHORIZED USER USER? I mean: who else would be at that location but an "authorized user". But, regardless, why would this level of security NOT be applied to the mobile devices, where unauthorized access might be much more likely??


      All very odd. Please, consider addressing ALL of the above:


      1. Either make it so that we are required to use the password all the time or ensure that we do NOT have to provide a password in this one situation, which is the only situation in which a password should NOT be required.


      2. Make a single consistent user interface, so I don't have to have a totally different experience on these three devices.


      3. Give us access to a DVR button that actually works. Since the mobile devices have built in DVR controls on the UI, why not simply include the DVR button there, so we can also access recorded shows?


      4. Please, return the full remote control on my desktop computer or tell me how I can get a better (more complete) remote


      5. Make enter/return key work for "selection". Doesn't seem like this key has any other functionality, when Slingplayer is in the front.