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    Slingbox 500 - All Lights on Solid - Unresponsive




      I have had my Slingbox 500 for 18 months and no issues. Last night when I turn the TV on I saw the Slingbox streaming symbol (8 dots in an upside down U formation). I looked at the Slingbox and all the lights were on (Power, Network, Streaming Symbol) solid. I thought this was odd and went into troubleshooting mode, and tried the following:


      • Using the remote to visit menu - no response
      • Power cycled device (numerous times and even left it off for hours)
      • Performed the reset procedure numerous times - holding the rest button until the network light flashes twice
      • Connected to a different TV


      The Slingbox has continued to behave the same.


      I called Slingbox support for help as I was now confident that the box was faulty. I was told that as my box is out of warranty (18 months old) I had a number of choices:


      1. 'Upgrade' to the M1 box for $120 - I argued how is this an upgrade if the device is half the cost of the Slingbox 500 (TV) and doesn't have HDMI (which I need) plus retail it is $150...meaning only a 20% discount
      2. I could order a Slingbox 500 hardware replacement for $200 - I was speechless. I spent $300 18 months ago and then asked to pay another $200 to replace a faulty product - outrageous
      3. Pay $30 for technical support / troubleshooting. If they agreed it was a faulty product I would have to pay $170 to replace the device (total including support is back to $200)


      I couldn't believe my ears that basically my only options were to pay hundreds of dollars to replace a device that cost me $300 only 18 months ago. I asked for these costs to be sent via email - I was told they don't have email. I said I would think about it and ended the call. I received an email seconds later telling me: "Thanks for contacting Sling Media Support. Unfortunately, our Support Professional was unable to offer help because your Sling Media product is outside of its complimentary support period.". Interesting that email works for goodbye messages.


      Further research suggested I purchase a new power adapter as they regularly go faulty; I have spent the $20 in the vein hope it fixes my $300 device. If not I will return to get my $20 back and then see where I go from there.

      Does anyone have any suggestions how I should proceed?