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    SlingPlayer stopped working.


      My father´s SlingCatcher stopped working.

      I started to investigate what was the problem. i logged in through a computer and it works just fine.

      He tryed to restart the SlingCatcher but with the same result, can not connect to slingbox, or something like that.

      So we draw the conclusion that slingcatcher is broken.

      I went to the store and bought a WDTV Live. It has an slingplayer app.

      I try to login, but with the same result.

      The Slingbox has the newest firmware and i also tryed to reinstall and reset everything.

      I eaven tryed ta create a new account. same result.

      It has been working great for over six years now, but suddenley it just stopped working.


      Have they changed something on their servers?

      I can log in through a computer but not connect with a sling Catcher

      I have a slingbox pro by the way.

      This problem started in August.