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    2 Slingbox 350's 1 LAN - 1 will not work


      I have 2 Slingbox 350's on 1 LAN.  The one works inside & outside the LAN.  The other one has slow connection speeds & choppy video inside & outside the LAN.  It intermittently has normal connection speeds & works.  It mostly does not work.  I have UPNP enabled on my router.  It set them up on different ports.  They both have DHCP reservations.  One is connected to a TIVO HD XL.  One is connected to a Comcast HD cable box.  They are not hard wired to the router.  They are both connected with wireless N Ethernet bridges. Does anyone have any ideas why my second Slingbox 350 will not work.  Here is a list of the devices I am using.  Any help is appreciated.


      Linksys E4200 router

      Linksys WET610N Wireless N ethernet bridge

      Linksys WES610N Wireless N ethernet bridge

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Start with basic troubleshooting:

          - Swap the Slingboxes, does the issue follow the Slingbox?

          - Swap the Ethernet to wireless adapters, does the issue follow the adapter?

          - If not either of the above, does the issue follow the physical location (i.e. poor wireless performance)?


          The fact that Slingbox #2 has choppy video inside the LAN is a strong indicator of an infrastructure issue.