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    multiple users

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      I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I am still a little unsure.

      If i set up a slingbox connected to a cable box. can the viewer at home watch one program while the remote viewer watches another program. also can the viewer at home watch a program while the slingbox records another? if not do we need two cable boxes? or is there another option. I want to set this up so the "home" base has little or no interaction after the initial setup?

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          It's a one to one relationship when it comes to your cable box.  So, if one person is watching channel 700 on a cable box at home, another person using slingbox will see the same channel when they connect using their app with either on Android or IOS tablets/phones.


          So, if one user changes to channel 720, the other user will be flipped to the new channel.