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    Slingbox and BT Home Hub

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      So I have read many forums and clearly a lot of people are trying to get a Slingbox, any Slingbox, working with any BT Home Hub Router.  So given the number of people with problems why does this issue not appear on the Slingbox support page?  Type in BT Home Hub and you get nothing.  Okay the UK is a little country.  Maybe that's it.  But I doubt this is the issue.  Having spent hours on this I can tell you that it doesn't work in the UK outside your home network and Slingbox won't tell you this in the UK because most people here have a BT Home Hub.  The discussion is suppressed IMHO.  The only way I can see that you will get the Slingbox working outside your home network is to get a new non BT router.  Slingbox - Tell me I am wrong please and I will broadcast to the world.