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    Bose Speakers play sound when SB 500 is turned on


      Bose Speaker consists of 2 satellite speakers and a sub-woofer. It has two audio plugs Red and White. Was plugged into Comcast box.

      Bose Speakers stay on all the time, no remote or other way to turn off/on other than hitting power switch.


      I connected Comcast Box to SB500 using component cables.

      Comcast Box HDMI goes to TV.

      I originally put the two Bose Speaker plugs to the SB500 Audio Out.

      This setup resulted in sound turning on in room when SB500 was accessed and Comcast box was turned on.


      TV has red/white plugs but it is Audio In.

      I looked at Audio settings in TV didn't see anything that would seem to help.  It is a Vizio Flat Panel TV probably 5 years old.

      There is a PC audio connector mm plug on the TV. The Bose does have a headphone mm plug as well. Not sure if that would help anything and I guess I would lose left and right sound. I would need to get the cord.


      Not sure if I took the HDMI and went to the SB500 in and then went SB500 Out HDMI to TV along with Bose Audio out from SB500 if that would make a difference.


      Right now I have simply left the Bose plugs unconnected but that means when I use TV in room, I don't get my surround sound.

      While I could use the power on Bose to control dilemma....however that would be equivalent to opening up the hood of your car each time you start and stop the car.


      Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance!