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    SlingBar MIA


      I have been using the lagacy sling player desktop app for years.  My absolute favorite part of it was the sling bar that occupies a small 3" bar along the left or right side of my screen.  Any programs simply filled the space next to my sling bar.  My sling box solo died (2nd sling box that has died, in addition to the fact that my 2 original sling boxes are not support by the mobile apps and therefore made useless) and now I have had to buy a 4th new box...I bought an M1 and a 350 and niether will run on the old sling player.


      The picture on the desktop app with the M1 and the 350 is amazing.....But I really need to have my slingbar back.

      Is there any chance of this being added do the windows desktop software?