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    Contacting Support About Bug


      So when you are in the Android Market and looking at the App you can "contact" the developer.  Basically you are sending an e-mail.  So I sent off an e-mail with a bug I found.  I then later on check my e-mail and I have a bounce back from them saying they don't monitor that address.  WTF?  Don't tell people how to contact you only to ignore them!


      That being said I have noticed on my HTC Evo that if I am watching it and for whatever reason it becomes disconnected, the "tv" freezes.  It is not until I touch the screen that the "Connect" button and splash screen comes back up.  I would think that if the App disconnects, or stops streaming it should automatically go back to the splash screen.

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          We understand how you feel about this situation. We encourage you to use the following link in order to contact the Android Market. This link will allow you to to get their assistance about the bug issue.


          Android Market Help and Support

          Regarding the reported issue, we would like you to provide us with further information. We need to know which Slingbox you have, how often does this issue happen, minimum requirements on the Mobile device, etc.

          Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.


          Contact Sling Media Support

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