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    Slingplayer for desktop not working most of the time, but iOS apps work great

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      Hi folks,


      I've been having an issue with connecting to my Slingbox Pro which is set up remotely

      - Using the latest Slingplayer Desktop client, about 95% of the time, it doesn't connect, and it says always says Error code P16. I've had this issue on both my PC and Mac, and I'm using the latest version. The strange thing is, about 5-10% of the time, it does connect and work fine, and I haven't changed any of the settings.

      - Using the Slingplayer web client, it just says there was an error connecting.

      I've tried turning off the firewalls on these computers.


      All this time, Slingplayer on my iPhone and iPad on the same network as my PC and Mac are working fine (connecting to the remotely set up Slingbox) and do connect 100% of the time.


      The Slingbox Pro is located in another country though.