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    Cannot connect to slingbox during setup even though it is detected


      I'm getting really frustrated trying to get my slingbox working.  I previously had it working without a problem for several months, then I had it unplugged for about 2 months, and now I can't get it to work at all.  At first the setup assistant was unable to detect there was a slingbox on the network even though the network and power lights were solid.  I read in a different topic that a "hard reset" might fix the problem by holding down the reset button until the lights blink fast, then slow.  After doing this, the setup assistant detects the slingbox but now I get a pop up message that says "could not open slingbox for configuration", then takes me to the My Slingboxes list and displays the slingbox.  There is an orange circle on the left of the slingbox in the list and it says "Local Network (unconfigured)" on the right.  Both lights on the Slingbox are still solid.  When I try to connect to it from this list, I get a message that says "Unable to establish a connection to your slingbox" and suggests unplugging the slingbox and plugging it back in again, which doesn't work.