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    Problems with IPad Remote


      We are Cox Communications subscribers (Cisco Box) and are having real trouble with our on-screen iPad remote. We've only been able to get it to work once in the entire two week period we have used the SLingbox M1. I thought we might be able to fix the problem by getting a "new" remote however we are unsure of what the process is to load a "new" remote onto our iPad. I've read through all the discussion forums below and they are not helpful in this regard. Do we have to go back to where our box is located and reset the entire thing? Where in that process can we get a different remote? How do we know what remote options would be the most reliable in working with our device? Since we cannot access slingbox on our Mac computers (really frustrated that none of the plug-ins work the current Apple OS) we really need the app on our iPad to work. While we aren't computer/technology illiterate this has us completely stumped on what to do. Specific instructions would be helpful and appreciated.