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    Can't change channel via mobile access.

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      I heard the great reputation of Slingbox and bought it from abroad, South Korea in Far East.


      I went through all the instruction to set up Slingbox,

      but  couldn't access to it by mobile properly, maybe because it didn't have the very right Cable TV option,(my assumption?)

      One symptom is changing channel is not available from my iphone and PC.


      Is there any way I could do to access Slingbox?


      If Slingbox Technical Support team could add my cable option, that would be the perfect though.

      My Cable information is


      - Cable supplier: C&M Korea

        - A/V Device(Cable TV Box): LG LSC530- 8DCM (Not Found on the list of Slingbox setup)


      Pls advise the way I could use Slingbox other than getting the right cable TV. Thanks.