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    Why no video when I go to Watch on Slingbox.com?

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      I am having a problem that only showed up recently.

      I have a Slingbox Pro HD box.  It is connected via component video and stereo audio to a Tivo Premiere.

      I can remotely view video and audio on my android phone, and using the very old dedicated app on my MacBook Air.

      However, when I go to Watch on sling box.com, all I get is audio, no video.  I get no error message or

      indication that there is no video available to the sling box, which isn't surprising since it works with other

      methods, so the video is indeed hooked up.

      I have loaded the latest plugin for my browser on my MacBook Air.  Nothing that I am aware of has changed in the past few

      weeks.  This was working fine up until just recently.

      Thanks for any suggestions and/or help.