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    horrible android performance?


      has anyone else seen this lately?  watching the slingbox via my android phone is pretty much impossible...it skips and stutters all over the place.  i have 75mbps upload speed at home, and when testing it at one point i tested 50mbps down on verizon LTE...and i could barely even watch a football game, even when i locked the app into SQ video.  i have tried clearing data, clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing works...the ipad app, however, works just fine.  so, it's not a problem with the slingbox...it's the android app.  also, seems to be fine when i'm on the same network as the slingbox, so it seems to be a remote access problem as well.

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hey Matthew,


          Taking a quick look at your Slingbox 350 from here, it looks like the issue you are describing may be a result of the fact that port forwarding needs to be set up for the Slingbox on your home network. You can have a look at the diagnostics, as well, when using your iPad. While streaming, tap three fingers on the viewing screen and this will bring up the diagnostics window. Once port forwarding is properly set up, you should see within the diagnostics window that it is streaming via TCP (our top priority streaming protocol). This should resolve the issues you are experiencing.


          Have a look at these articles, which should help you get this all sorted:



          Hope this helps!


          The Sling Mod Team