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    Slingbox Pro - Picture Quality

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      I had recently downgraded my slingbox pro firmware (from 1.4.20) because the PQ I was getting was worse then I was getting about a year ago with. I though it was the firmware but I'm starting to think it's not, most likely slingplayer for windows, and through sling.com.


      I don't know if it's just me but.... I remember the player at one point would let me force a higher resolution (in the player options) i.e. 1280x720, and while i know the actual device is 640x480 max res, the 1280x720 resolution was upscaling and smoothing out the blockyness of the 640x480 VGA, it looked pretty **** good. But then something changed, I am assuming it is slingplayer but it would no longer upscale, and everything looked much worse, I was able to see the pixels, they were so much larger especially around text, making almost impossible to read smaller text. Also the 480 resolution horizontal lines were so much more defined.


      Did anyone else notice this, and if so do you know which version of slingplayer for windows was the one that had the much better PQ, upscaling etc..? Or perhaps know which firmware revision for the Slingbox Pro that looked the best?


      FYI, I have 3mbit upload speed.


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          Just an update, I installed slingplayer 1.5 for windows. I am able to get a much better picture by going into the options setting:


          Manually adjust stream parameters (advanced), setting 640x480 rest default... and 2400 kbps.


          Wow, finally no more jagged text and terrible PQ.... Everything is much higher resolution and sharp!!!!.


          The new versions of Slingplayer 2.0.4 does not do this, if I force 640x480 in the player options it still looks horrible... am I the only one who notices this??? Can't be possible...???????????

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              The Slingplayer doesn't actually control the resolution resizing .  That's handled by the operating system (directx, codec, drivers, hardware, etc).


              There is one major difference with the Slingplayer 1.5 and 2.0 in this regards.  The original Slingplayer 1.5 and earlier used WMV codec that's because at the time, that's the only type of encoding that the Slingboxes could do.  However, now the Slingbox Pro, Solo, and Pro-HD can encode video streams using H.264.  Therefore Slingplayer Desktop 2.0 and Web Slingplayer both have accessibility to the H.264 codec.  You can actually bring up the player's encoding statistics by pressing [Alt]+[Shift]+[I] on Slingplayer Desktop or holding [Ctrl] down while clicking on the video within the Websling Player.




              Slingplayer 1.5




              Slingplayer 2.0




              Web Slingplayer



              If necessary, you can force the Slingplayer Desktop to use WMV or H.264.  Those settings are in [PlayerProperties.EncodeControl] subection within SBCore.ini of the "C:\ProgramData\Sling Media\SlingPlayer\2.0" folder.  The value for "StreamTypeVideo" dictates its functionality, 0=WMV, 1=H.264, and 2=Auto.  The values used in "SBCore.ini" file are dictated in "SBCore.sdb" file in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sling Media\SlingPlayer" folder.


              The only other difference that could be affecting you is the video renderer.  Which can be VMR-9 (Direct3D), VMR-7 (Directshow), Graphics Device Interface (GDI), or Enhanced Video Renderer (VISTA only).  All of these can also be forced from the "SBCore.ini" file, using the "VideoRenderer" value under the [RenderProperties] subsection.  But, its a lot easier using the Slingplayer Options (Alt+O) to change the "Optimizations" within the Video Tab.

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              I still have the same issue even switching themes.


              Crappy Win XP laptop from 2004 gets a better picture than my Quad-core running Windows 7 x64. The windows 7 slingplayer looks like it needs antiailiasing.


              XP Laptop connected to the same network bridge that my desktop Win 7 is (so it's not the bandwidth). I can get up to 5700 Kbps on my desktop, it's the same renderer, but the picture still has jagged edges.


              The renderers are the same (VMR-9), the decoders are the same (VMVideo Decoder DMO).


              The chnage in picture quality happened when I upgraded my desktop from XP pro 64 bit to Win 7 64 bit.


              Any thoughts on settings in windows would be greatly appreciated... (the slingbox-pro settings options are seem to be pretty limited or just a plain ol' mirage).


              Changing the encoding options/settings in the sling player don't have any effect.


              This has remained the same throughout reinstalls of the slingplayer, and Win 7.


              You can see the jaggedness in the pictures provided- if you open the links in a new window and magnify it'll show much better.