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    Accessing slingbox.com from home Charter internet

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      I've tried to search around for this, and have yet to see any answers or ideas, so if this has been covered elsewhere, I apologized...


      I'm not able to access any iteration of slingbox.com from my home Charter internet account... When I ping slingbox.com, I get a correct IP address (meaning, it resolves to the same address from both my office and home internet), but in my office, the ping completes fine, and I can access all areas of slingbox.com (www.slingbox.com, support.slingbox.com & obviously community.slingbox.com, as I'm typing this).  However at home, any pinging or attempts to access slingbox.com fail.  I've tried all three of my browsers- internet explorer, Safari (from Windows), Safari (from my Mac laptop) and Chrome to no avail.  I've tried to change my DNS settings, though I know that is correct since the IP address resolves correctly.  I'm a fairly adept network person, so this one really has me stumped... the only think I can figure is that A) Charter is blocking Slingbox.com, which may or may not be a net neutrality issue; B) Charter is reorganizing their home networks, and that is somehow preventing access.  I mention scenario B because I've used a DDNS name for years to VPN into my home, and it recently picked up a WAN IP address ending in a zero- xx.xx.xx.0, which I've NEVER seen before... I didn't even know that was possible using IPV4.  My office is Static, so that may be a root issue.


      Has or is anyone else have any sort of similar issue?  I'm not sure where to go from here; I'd really like to get my new Slingbox 350 working, but right now it's impossible to do so if I can't even access their servers.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.