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    Slingbox Pro HD and Verizon Media Server Clients - Not Working

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      We just upgraded our TV to FIOS Quantum TV, which required us to replace our Set Top boxes (which worked fine with our Slingbox) with a single Media Server and 2 Media Clients.  We've connected the Slingbox to one of the Media Clients, as we don't want to interrupt the primary TV in the house when someone is using the Slingbox.  The problem is that when connecting to the slingbox via App to watch something, we get an error after connecting "Weak or no video signal detected".  The remote works fine, but just a blue screen with this message.

      Is there any way to get the Slingbox to work with the Media Client?  They are an Arris IPC1100 P2 device.


      Thanks for any help.