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    Lines in video, disturbing hum audio Sling 350, M1

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      I have both a 350 and an M1 (brand new). Both of these devices are connected to a TIVO Premier using component cables. The 350 is using a wired LAN connection while the M1 is using a Wireless WPS connection. I had no problem with the setup & configuration of either device. I am able to view TV from a Windows Phone, Windows PC, Kindle, etc. The problem I am experiencing is with the quality of the video/audio. When I connect to either device the color is off, there are static lines running horizontally across the viewing area and there is a disturbing hum coming from the right channel when using headphones. I have been at this for days attempting every remedy offered in the knowledgebase, it is kicking my ***!!! Has anybody experienced a similar issue? Any help would be appreciated. My last recourse would be to contact Sling support.