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    Sling Box Pro Hd Hangs 4th Step of Setup assitant on manully configure ip address


      hey guys, i am really frustarted with configuring new sling box PRO HD and would really apprecaite some help!


      I had sling player classic befroe and that was working fine for past 1 year, suddenly due to some power surge it stopped connecting to network

      i think network card went, as i was really happy with SLING Player i decdied to upgrade and i bought the new sling box PRO-HD and since past 2 weeks have been trying to configure it.


      My internal network router (linksys WRT 350N runing firware 2.00.10) is configured with DHCP enabled with range 192.168.02 to

      I am connecting sling box pro hd directly to my lap top with ethernet cable provided, my lap top netwrok card is configuired DHCP enabled.

      My lap top is running WINDOWS 7 ultimate and is intel core 2 Duo 2.4ghz with 4gb ram.

      I have switched off the firewall on my computer.


      I am able to connect my lap top with sling box and whiel connected the network card shows Auto ip 4 config ip4 subnet

      Once connected i run sling player windows setup assitant (ver 2.04.521) i am able to connect with sling box and go all the way to the last step (4th) of setup, i get the video etc, on last 4th step when i click to manually configure network settings it just stops responding on below screen:-I have trueUntitled.png

      i have tried several tims to rebook system, i even bought another Sling box and with same rseult.

      What is weird is that when i switch on teh sling box as per teh manual the network light should blink for 30sec to 1min in both sling box pro hd upon power on the network lights blink once and then stops and then after 5-10mins when the show lighst comes on then network light starts blinking and only then ca i connect to sling box with set up assitant.

      One more thing i bought teh sling box in USA (110 volts) but as i am isnatlling PRO HD outsid USA i have put a power adapter/conert from 110 to 220volts, but thsi shoudl not be the cause as setup assitant does work and video is visible.


      Pls. can some one help me.....does any one also face same problem, i read somewhere on teh foorum that it could be hardware problem bad capacitor like other have found? Thanks guys really liked SLING player and hope i can have it back on....

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          eferz Expert

          Ultimately, I think the problem is that the Slingbox isn't able to get a DHCP address from your Linksys WRT 350N router.  I looked up your router's support page (http://www.linksysbycisco.com/CA/en/support/WRT350N/download) and saw that the most recent version is Ver.1.04.4.  Are you sure that you're not using the DD-WRT hack replacement for your Linksys?  If so, I recommend in trying to get support from DD-WRT techsupport (http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support).


          In anycase, I'm not sure how you were able to get access to your Slingbox without a DHCP server with your laptop.  However, if you were able to get through the setup process but its hanging on the fouth step, then I would recommend quitting the assistant before it hangs.  Once you've quit the assistant, connect to the Slingbox, pressing (Alt+O) and click on the Information tab.  There under Identity subsection, you'll see the MAC address.  You can use this information to create a reserved DHCP IP Address on your router.