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    Some interesting technical problems...


      I have a brand new Slingbox M1 setup at my house, and I am now oversees. I setup the box, and tested it before I left. Apparently, I didn't do a thorough enough job of testing.

      Cable service: Time Warner

      Cable Box: Cisco


      This is how I have my cabel box connected to my TV system, and to my sling:


      Cable Box --- Sony Amplifier --- TV (both connections are HDMI)

      Cable Box --- Sling M1 (connected via component cables)


      Issue #1 - I cannot access my DVRed items. Pressing the "List" button does nothing.

      Issue #2 - When the TV and Amp are off (as would be the case when I access the system remotely) I get good picture, NO audio at all.

      Issue #3 - if the TV AND Amp are ON, I get good video and audio.

      Issue #4 - If the TV is turned OFF, I lose video, audio OK.


      I tested this by calling my wife, who happened to be home and having her power cycle the TV and Amp. Now, having said all that, my Sling M1 is not useless to me. I can 'watch' my TV when I want, but only watch, not listen...and I can't watch any DVRed things. If my wife happens to be home, then I can inconvenience her by 1. having her turn the system on if it isn't, and 2. take control of the TV if she is watching something.


      So...What is the issue here?????????? Anybody have any similar issues???

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          2, 3 & 4 are all related to HDCP.   Your TV Provider is playing around with the component output depending on what it sees on the hDMI port.  So this is nothing to do with the Slingbox.   The only way to prevent this would be to scrap the HDMI lead and use just component cables  Cable Box --- Slingbox --- Sony Amplifier --- TV


          1 means the remote code is wrong.  If you tell us which model you are using Sling might fix it in a few months or I can give you a quick & dirty fix.