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    No Video, Sound and app/traffic on screen

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      Tried searching with no luck.  I have the SlingPlayer on my Galaxy 5.  I connect to my M1 Slingplayer, and the sound is working.  On the screen at the top is Apps/Traffic with my home town and zip code.  There is an area map, local time, and weather.  I cant figure out HOW to get out of this screen.  I cant change channels, I cant minimize the screen.  When I tap the screen, it brings up the slingplayer logo on the bottom left, then the following icons just below that; Guide, Quality, Aspect, Zoom Out, Souces, and Disconnect.  On the top right is is the remote icon and the icon to "send the a pic to FB"


      Ive uninstalled and re-installed.  I turned phone on and off.  I can watch with No problems on my PC, just NOT on my phone.


      Any suggestions?