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    Lost 'HD Quality' with Pro HD


      I've have the Pro HD box for a few years, even had a power brick replacement (under warranty) WAY back when.  It's hooked up via Components video cables (and stereo) since the beginning.


      The box has operated fine with my (now really old Samsung G2 phone) and mostly leave it in 'SD' video mode most of the time unless there are graphics (game scores and such) that the stations make a bit too small to make out on the screen without squinting.


      So I push it up to 'HD' mode on those occasions.  I have more than enough bandwidth on my internet connection (>8mb/s) and my cellular data link has always performed well (it had better, the cell tower is literally across the street from me, viewable from both my living room and master bedroom windows).


      But this weekend, I noticed that I 'ramp it up' to the HD mode and the resolution doesn't appear to change.  'HD' looks like 'SD', no difference.  I also note that for some reason, I'm getting a lot of 'lost connections' (at either 'resolution' where before the only time I'd ever see that is when using it around town in my car (very obvious why).  But at my home? 


      My internet service is, unfortunately, Comcast, as FIOS refuses to cable my cul-de-sac because of the 'non-competitive' agreement they have with Comcast/NBC-Universal.  I've heard in the past that Comcast mucks around with the Slingbox traffic, but have never noticed this in the past several years I've had Sling (but I do have commercial service with Comcast). 


      Figuring out what exactly is going on is probably a bit of a problem, but I'd like some ideas.  I will be moving onto a commercial fiber link in a few months, so if these problems continue and then abruptly disappear I'll know it was Comcast mucking around, but again, I'd like some ideas on why things aren't working (as before) all of a sudden.   

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          It's been awhile, but I've managed to do lots of testing, both on my main feed and through a VPN service I have.


          I also noticed after watching carefully over the last 2+ weeks, that certain times of the day I get load of 'disconnects' and the like.


          Final upshot is, Comcast appears to be 'mucking around' with Sling traffic, just like they do with Peer-to-Peer, jamming the bit traffic with all sorts of 'messages' to disconnect and mess with the bitstream.  Once I put the Sling traffic on my VPN, it all 'magically' goes away, and things run straight and normal.  The only problem is that I have a limited amount of VPN bandwidth (limited by my h/w router, not the service I subscribe to) and although about the maximum that I've ever seen Sling use the bits (around 5Mb/s+) is within the capability of my current h/w, a 'new' box to ramp up that VPN 'pipe' is another $400 or so, so I can't do my 'ordinary' stuff while doing any Slinging.


          Hopefully will be moving in the next 6 months and get on another provider, with tons more bandwidth (actually 10x more and half the cost of Comcast) so I guess I'll have to continue with my current work-around until then.