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    Upgrade my Cable Box

    drhenning53 Newbie

      I have had a Slingbox SOLO for many years with my Comcast/XFINITY box that has been working just fine...   I am considering some upgrades that will upgrade my box to new new X1 technology and wanted to know a couple of things....


      1.  Will my existing SOLO work like the current one???   I've read some discussion that maybe the X1 is not supported????


      2.   If I decide to upgrade to a new device,  how much of a difference between the 2 devices,,, The main thing I see is HDMI support.  I wouldn't need that with my older TV since it is currently using component cable hookup..


      My environment has been working great with the older Comcast box especially since my internet speeds has been much improved..  I have purchased mobile app for my android phone and Kindle Fire..  I have also used it on my ROKU though I wish I didn't need to use my phone to control..  Would prefer using my Kindle Fire tablet which streams just fine but the software is a version old on their..


      Thanks in advance...

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          cody.sling Novice

          Hello Douglas Henning,


          Thank you for posting to the Community. You have some excellent questions. I am a little confused as to wat box you will be upgrading. Will you be upgrading the cable box that the Slingbox is connected to or are you looking to upgrade the Slingbox?


          Either way, the Slingbox Solo and forward is compatible with the X1 technology from the Comcast.

          If you decide to upgrade the Slingbox, the difference between the Slingbox Solo and the two Slingbox models we currently sell are the following.


          The two Slingbox models we have both support HD streaming, Wi-Fi capability, and some other cool features depending on the Slingbox that you upgrade to.

          With the Slingbox 500, you have access to the On-Screen menu and other application on the On-Screen menu.

          With the Slingbox M1,  you have the new Desktop player for the computer, you can setup the Slingbox on a mobile device (Android phone, iPhone or iPad).


          Hope this helps,



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              drhenning53 Newbie

              Since I first posted this message a couple of months back, I did more to X1 and once all the cables got plugged in 100% correct, I have no issues with my Solo..  It's not in HD of course which is really on an impact if I choose to watch via my ROKU App on my big screen at my other location...  However, it works just fine on my mobile devices and the screen quality I get there is just fine....  I do have an issue with the App for my Kindle Fire which I would like to use with my ROKU instead of my phone but that paid app has not been upgraded in 2 years which is unacceptable..  I would hope you would just move the current Android App to the Amazon world as well..