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    Unable to connect to website

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      On multiple occasions I have been unable to access the Sling.com website on my PC. After multiple days of this happening, it appears to be during high volume viewing slots like any nationally televised football game (Sunday, Monday and most recently, Thursday Night Football). The website did not even allow me to connect from my PC. It acted as if the site was no longer active and/or my internet connection was not working. I tried using my Kindle app which worked for about 10 minutes then the app claimed it did not have viable internet connection and would not connect anymore. (The internet was fine and I was using the same connection the whole time for all 3 of these devices). I ultimately wound up watching it on my iPhone for the remainder of the game. Why does this keep happening and where is the solution? I have been a big supporter and promoter of this product to others, assuring them it is a great product. I cannot support that stance any longer after the past 3 weeks. Please give an answer and restore my confidence.