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    Data Breach Via Download From Web Site

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      I have had Sling Box for about two (2) years now.  In the past year I had to download the Sling Box Program twice to my computers.  Each time after downloading, I would open Explorer or another browser and the browser would be in Arabic.

      The first time my personal information was compromised which required cancelling all my credit cards and checking various accounts.  The second time it happened was yesterday.  I downloaded Sling Box from the official website and opened my browerser.  And low and behold here were my Arab friends fom the UAE again.

      NO OTHER CHANGES OR DOWNLOADS WERE MADE TO THE COMPUTER OTHER THAN SLNG BOX.  Hence, the source of the problem is either Hot Spot Shield or Sling Box.

      Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hello 3231suttonpl,


          Thanks for using the forums. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties when downloading the plug in.


          The Slingbox plug in doesn't actually have the ability to make changes such as language or get access to any of your secure information. It does look like Hot Spot Shield does have access to your personal information. You may want to look in to that program a little further.


          Hope this helps,



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