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    Can't enter channel from Slingplayer IOS 8

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      I have a Slingbox M1 connected to a Comcast/Xfinity cable box.  I am using Slingplayer on an iPhone under IOS 8.  I can connect to my sling box, use the keypad to enter in the new channel.  I see the channel get entered on the screen but it never changes to that channel.  When using my cable box remote I normally need to enter the channel number and then hi  "OK" to get the channel to change.  How does one implement the "OK" button using Slingplayer on IOS 8

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          same problem but unable to find any answer.

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            britt.sling Apprentice

            Hello Scaldara,


            I understand you are having issues entering a specific channel with the SlingPlayer for iPhones. You're absolutely correct in thinking you need to use the OK button.

            Select the Remote control icon.  Select the Keypad and enter the channel number you want. Now, with great speed and determination, tap the Remote icon again, select the D-Pad, then tap the OK button. If you are unfamiliar with those icons, the D-pad looks like a cross, and the OK button is a blank circle in between the directional arrows.


            Hope this helps!



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                You are the best.

                I can't believe this works but it does.  if I told you how long I've been stuck with this app unable to use it.


                Just wondering why doesn't the "channel number and enter button" cause the channel to change on its own. On the advance  settings of the config program on the website, there is a box you can check to activate this feature.


                Was there another thread that contained information about this problem.


                Thank you so much for helping me and possibly answering the above questions.




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