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    Incorrect channel icons in Zap2It EPG?




      I seem to be getting an odd error in my Slingplayer 2.0 and web console EPG with Zap2It.  Some of the channel icons in the guide seem to be showing up incorrectly and I have a feeling it has to do with some favourites settings I may have made in Slingplayer 1.5.


      In Slingplayer 1.5, I had downloaded some custom channel icons for my favourites, and now whenever I log into my Slingbox account and pull up the Zap2It guide, these same older icons are showing up - as an example, I am getting the icon for "The Score" in place of the icon for "The Movie Channel", "M Excess", "MPix", "MFun" and other previous favourites (I'm a Canadian customer).  It seems this only affects my old favourites which I had customized before.  When I went to Zap2It's website and looked up the same guide online, their version had all of the correct icons.


      Is there any way to correct this?  Are icons stored locally somewhere in my profile where I can delete the previously downloaded icons?


      I know this isn't a huge issue, but it is rather annoying, and if there is a way to fix it, I'd really like to.


      Thank you in advance for any help that anyone can provide!