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    Pro-HD lag when using any remote control function; sound issues

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      I have a Pro-HD box, 3 years old, hard wired in Ohio, accessed in Ramstein, Germany, both places using the highest/fastest internet available. The box is always powered on. The box is kept up to date. We've tried resetting from scratch.

      It seems as soon as our 1 year warranty was over we began having major lag problems where the connection fluctuates dramatically for what seems to be no reason at all. But for the last 4-6 months or so, EVERY time we use any button on my virtual remote we have lag; not just any lag, terrible lag. Especially when we pause, rewind, fast forward, or start a DVRed show. It takes almost a full minute for the program to show correctly on the viewing end.

      The sound feed has also changed. When first accessing the box via internet explorer, the sound seems very low and we have to turn the television sound up to about 5 times as high as when watching cable tv. This causes a lot of sound distortion. The sound then gradually increases over the next hour and we have to gradually turn the tv sound down. This problem resets every time we close and reopen my internet explorer connection.

      Any ideas on how to fix these issues?