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    Unable to use ProHD due to password request




      I am very frustrated. Slingbox (located 600miles away) has been working very well since purchased in 2010. I haven't used it in a while (hockey season just started). 2 weeks ago, I tried to watch via Slingbox to no avail. It kept asking me for a Admin password.


      Quick search online revealed that this is a VERY frequent problem...I always had the same password and never forgot it yet, it did not recognize ANY password. I called my folks who performed a "reset" of the Slingbox. I then changed to password to no avail. We then performed a second reset, I deleted the Slingox and added it again...still asking for Admin password. I called and they let me know it would cost $29.99 for the support...I am not going to share with you my lovely discussion with the lovely gal over conflict of interest in this case but she understood my frustration and recommended I post here. Can someone give me a comprehensive step by step approach to my problem. And please, don't give me the link on how to reset my SlingBox, that doesn't work.


      Thank you Sooo Much...(I need my Hockey)