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      HOW DO I CHECK OR MONITOR the INTERENT CONNECTION between my SLING BOX in my living room, through the CAT6 hard-wired ETHERNET cable back to my ROUTER, and from the ROUTER over the in-home WiFi to my LAPTOP where I VIEW the SLINGBOX video? I recently installed a BRAND NEW DSL MODEM-ROUTER and my LAPTOP speed tests read 6 Mb/s download, and 750 kbits upload. BUT when I try to run the SLINGBOX APP on my LAPTOP I continually get LOW RESOLTION VIDEO, and an error message that says INTERNET CONNECTION is POOR and reads 220 kbits/s. WHY is the connection from the SLINGBOX to the ROUTER, and thence to the WiFi running at 220 kbits/s when the Wi-Fi from the router to my laptop shows 6 Mb/s download, and 750 kbits upload.???  IS THERE AN APP OR A FUNCTION BUILT INTO THE SLINGBOX that lets me check the END-to-END connection FROM the SLINGBOX to my LAPTOP?  How can I MONITOR the data output from the SLINGBOX to be certain that the data WANTS TO COME OUT of the SLINGBOX at FULL SPEED but something ELSE is blocking it? OR is the SLINGBOX failing? HOW DO I FIGURE THIS OUT??? AND WHY didn't the SLINGBOX PEOPLE BUILD IN a data flow MONITOR so we can DETERMINE whether it's the SLINGBOX or the ROUTER or the WiFI ??? THanks! gkkearny@gmail.com