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    Söker information om Slingbox och Telia

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      I have a question about Slingbox products.

      I live normally in Sweden and have an internet and TV account at TELIA Sweden by fiber.

      There is about 50 mb downstream and 10 mb upstream.

      Half the year I live in Spain and have IPTV with a router MAG250 from Teletec that I connect to my Samsun 44” TV, this works pretty well, but the range of channels in Swedish are limited and the price is too high.

      My Spanish Internet supplier provides ADSL with 6 – 9 mb

      Is it possible to use your product to connect to the Swedish Telia TV router and watch the program in Spain by using the Teletec MAG250?

      I do not want to watch TV on a IPAD or a PC.

      I tried to get some answers from some Swedish dealers but they seem to be unsure or do not know