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    Roku streaming causes disconnection

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      Hello Sling Team.


      Since September I started investing in a way to get my TV back to my room.

      Currently, it's used by my wife so she can watch TV from the Slingbox installed in Brazil.

      (We are in Canada)

      I'm really looking forward to get my tv back again hehehehe.


      When it comes to watch the Slingbox, everything is working awesomely through Internet Explorer, Desktop SlingPlayer and Android App.

      For real: everything is working - we get some lags and low resolution here and there, but I totally get it that it is more related to the long distance that the signal has to travel.


      However, when it comes to stream the content of the Android App to my brand new Roku 3 streamer, it works for a couple of minutes and then I get disconnected from the phone, due to connection fault - every... single... time.

      Locking the phone's screen causes is to disconnect even faster.

      This only happen when it is streaming to Roku.

      Here are my questions:

      1) I searched for the solution of this problem in the community, and it seems that Kevin did some posts about Port Forwarding.

      On my search, I found that the Sling team was verifying if the problem was related to TCP failure at the source.

      How can I check if the TCP is failing and this is the cause of the disconnection? Could you help me out?

      2) Do you know if this problem is related only to smartphones? If I get a tablet, will this solve the problem?

      3) Are you guys planing to create a player solution directly through Roku streamer, without the need for a smartphone or tablet?

      (That would be just outstanding - would pay for it, for real)


      Thanks for your time and help.

      Have a great day.

      Best regards,