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    Gongrats eferz!

    BrandonC Novice

      Looks like eferz is now the top partcipant in the forums here.



      As well he should be. If you have a question here eferz is all over it! Good job big guy!

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          eferz Expert

          Hahaa.  That's hilarious!

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              Eferz, I really could use your expertise. I cannot configure my router so I have no internet viewing. My slingbox works while in the house but does not connect outside the home. When I tried to configure the router manually, the right side of the screen , representing the router remains blank so the instructions on the left side of the screen cannot be enacted. I have an  actiontec router model GT704WG. What do you advise? The connection will not occur on the automatic set up,prompting me to try the manual route[unsucessfully].