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    Buckeye Cable, Toledo, DC700X, dc60Xu, DMS2004UHD

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      I just wanted to passed on to anyone struggling with the new conversion in the greater Toledo area what I have learned.


      A many of you are aware DTA Set Top Boxes (STB) are now required to receive Buckeye Cable .


      After many many chats, phone calls, and stops into the Buckeye stores this is what I have learned.


      1 The signal is now HDCP encrypted.


      2  Regardless of what the techs say (I spoke with 3, the first two were 100% wrong)  unless you have an upgraded (think more expensive) to a digital box (or possibly a DVR and or gateway) with composite out (Motorola?) or the HD box with component out (Model Pace DC700X HD, I think) you will have a rough time using a newer sling product with the "free for 2 years" DTA adapters.  The two model of these boxes are Pace dc60Xu and evolution DMS2004UHD.

                My understanding is that the older Slings have co-axial / RF In / RG6, RG59 / "F" input.  This signal is not encrypted so maybe if you live in the area and can't live without your sling this may be an option. (Do your homework before you buy.)

                Another option that may work is contacting Time Warner.  They are much more sling friendly according to someone I bumped into.


      3 If you do go with the Pace DC700X HD, you will have to use the component out from the digital box.  (The picture is HD good.) Try the virtual remote for Comcast DCT2500 (preferably) or the Motorola QIP 2500 (no volume adjust on this virtual remote). 


      4 Unless you are in a real fix I would shy away from the older Motorola box with only composite (yellow) out.  One of the techs recently told me that they don't use those boxes anymore because they are over 10 years old.  I can tell you as of 10-2014 they were still using them.  The picture quality takes a noticeable hit.


      5 I did experiment with then DTA's just in case there are cable providers out there that use these boxes without encryption.  (I have heard some providers do not encrypt the local channels that the service area could pull in over the air.  (Buckeye, it appears, encrypts everything .)  Even though the encryption blocked the picture I wanted to see if there were virtual remotes that would work.  Basically I was using the audio to confirm.  I could not find a compatible match for the Evolution DMS2004UHD.  I did find a match for the Pace DC60Xu Initially the Pace DC50Xu (Comcast DC50Xu) worked.  As I was typing this article I ran a final check.  Although I have confirmed it before it was at the time of the article  acting really wonky.  Tech support was could replicate the problem but was unsure why it was happening.  The remote both virtual and the physical one that came with the sling would only allow the channel to be change to one channel 8, and only 1 time.  These units are more rare and so finding compatible remotes is a little dicey  With some work they found that the Motorola QIP 2500 worked.  (Total props for that).  As mentioned before though the Motorola doesn't allow volume control.  After trying 10 or so various "2500" models I found the Comcast DCT 2500 was the most compatible.


      6 Of course Al Richey (Thanks for your work!)  has some custom solutions as well.  (Search the forums of JP-1 website) I tend to take the path of least resistance when it comes to...well...pretty much everything :-) 

                Also Mr. Richey said in his article but tech support also reminded me to try common manufacturers if you are having problems finding a working virtual remote.  To me that would include Motorola (tech said esp QIP series), Time Warner, and Comcast.


      Hope this helps some one as someone helped me. :-)

      Peace TV fiends. (maybe friends too ;-)