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    RPVR Timer issue

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      Hi Team,


      We got a request from customer as he unable to set a timer on his PC and always having a message that the IRD must be connected verify the IRD is connected with a WIFI Adapt.


      Could you please investigate and let us know if you require any more information.


      This message is generated from the Intranet RPVR Bug Reporting Form


      Priority : Critical


      Reproducible : No


      Account Number : 8455100608749538


      Receiver Number : R1887678245


      Accessed via : Computer


      Subject : REMOTE PVR


        From IP address



      Behalf our request client called the customer and provided the below details to investigate further:


      I have spoken to this customer and this was what we encountered:

      • He was unable to access the My PVR tab on his RPVR (browser version) even though his receiver is connected to his home internet.
      • His 9400 is connected via Ethernet cable to his modem.
      • This setup has been in use for months and didn’t have a recent change – everything is the same.
      • The issue started around 2 months ago.
      • Before this issue started, he was able to access the My PVR tab and manage his recordings from there.
      • IP address the cx gave was:
      • We performed diagnostic tests on his 9400 to ensure that it is online and there were no issues – it was connected to the cx’s home internet after all the tests were completed.




      eBiz Team.