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    Tuning a new AC3200 EA9200 router for use with a Slingbox Pro HD.

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      I had a D-Link router that was defective and I just bought a new AC3200 EA9200 router.  I am trying to document all the settings that should be set to optimize remote viewing through a router to the net.  I remember many of the settings yet it appears that this new LinkSys tries to "simplify" the user interface menus by providing as little information, details or technical nomenclature as possible.  I am used to seeing tool box items and these new menu layouts suck for old technical geezers like me.  Anyway, I was trying to recreate a shopping list of things I need to set to optimize the slingbox through-put.


      This is what I think I remember but cannot find those detailed tips online: (I think there is more)


      Port Forwarding for Application Name: "SlingBox"

      Open Port 5001 for TCP and UDP (in/out)

      Device IP (Static ID) Used: - Reserve on SlingBox and Router also

      Inbound filter - Allow All

      Schedule: Always on


      Under Dynamic IP (DHCP) Internet Connection Settings - MTU should be set at 1500

      I am curious if that should be fixed at 1500 or set to automatic mode as offered on this machine?


      I think:

      NAT must be Enabled

      Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) must be Enabled

      Turn on Multicasting or broadcasting features???? (I forget where that is.)


      Turn off firewall filtering for: ???

      Fitler Off - Internet NAT Redirection

      Filter Off - MultiCast


      Can anyone provide any further clarification or details on things I have missed?


      Thanks !!!   Stan