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    Used to be 3000+ kbps now 12 kbps.

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      I used to get a great picture (3000+ kbps) with my slingcatcher, iphone, or on a computer. About a week ago I would get a frozen picture and only about 12 kbps on all three devices. I am using an original slingbox. It has been working like a champ since I started many years ago. Any suggestions (aside from getting an new slingbox)? Thanks in advance for any help.

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello nutmonger,


               After checking your account here on our end, I see that the Slingbox's status is "Not Available" which indicates that it is not properly communicating with our servers. The first thing I would like you to try, would be to perform a factory reset on the Slingbox unit and rerun through setup as you did when you initially connected the unit. For instruction on how to perform the factory reset, check out the support article linked below:



          If you have any difficulty running through the setup on the old Desktop SlingPlayer software, try using this website:



          Hope this helps!



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              nutmonger Newbie

              Funny thing (really not very funny). I got home last night and I was able to watch the slingbox on my iphone without doing anything.  I thought great everything is back to normal. However, this morning it is back to not working. I think the problem is comcast. However when I get home tonight I will do the reset and setup. I hope this helps. I'll keep you posted. BTW, thanks for the info. Michael.