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    Can't get Watch page to load correctly

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      For the last day or 2 Whenever I go to the Slingbox Watch page I get stuck at the "initializing" part. It keeps acting like it is going to load and then doesn't.My internet is working fine for everything else and I restarted to be safe. Didn't solve the problem.I decided to uninstall and reinstall the plugin (for Chrome). I followed the instructions on the website to delete the plugin files from Chrome without issue. I returned to the Watch page where I got the user agreement which I accepted and the install instructions which I followed. However after I click the "Add" button to allow the plugin the site returns me to the user agreement again. I am stuck in an endless loop and not able to reinstall the plugin. I even tried turning off all add blockers as well. I tried searching for an alternate download location for the plugin but I did not find one. Please advise. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks