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    Netgear Neo with Slingbox Pro-HD


      Can anyone help with the technical aspects for controlling a SB on Netgear Neo?


      The control is and always has been painfully slow. To do any one single operation (pause, select, change channel etc) can take 20 seconds.


      Is this an issue with the firmware in the Neo or the SB app software? Video control for apps like Netflix are almost instantaneous as they should be.


      If the Neo remote >> and << buttons were allocated channel up and down then it might make the experience easier to watch. Thank goodness I still have a Slingcatcher.



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          pjcala6 Newbie

          I have the same problem and it definitely is not the netgear. Slingbox probably needs to update their stuff with netgear and it seems they have stopped doing so.. At this point my pause does not work either . What is a sling catcher? how does that work?