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    Connection issue: iMac thru Watch on Slingbox.com


      Trying to eliminate the number of connection attempts thru Watch on Slingbox.com.


      Most of the time I get: “The Slingbox or Internet May Be Unreachable. Try Connecting Again.”


      Usually it takes 4-5 attempts before there is a connection to my Slingbox HD-Pro. The process takes about 10 minutes or more.


      Same results across all browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


      However, when connecting with a different computer, old Macbook Pro (OS: Snow Leopard) it connects normally on the same network as my iMac. The Slingbox is located in a different location and LAN.


      A work-around for my iMac is using the new Mac Desktop Slingbox Player. Even though it has not been fully approved for the HD-Pro it seems to work okay and connects on the first try for my needs. Also the iOS app connects with no issues.


      Please let me know if you have any ideas regarding why my iMac is having so much trouble connecting via Slingbox.com.






      Slingbox HD-Pro

      Mac OSX Mavericks

      iMac Late 2013



      • Installed new web plugin.

      • Reset/cleared cache in browsers.

      • No software firewall running.