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    Aspect issues resolved - posted for info.


      Seeing as support is apparently non existent on here, I thought I'd post up what I did to resolve the issue I described in my original post here (that for some reason I am unable to reply to!):


      Aspect ratio issues when using Slingplayer app with Chromecast


      The problem with Virgin Tivo is that whilst the HDMI and SCART can both output simultaneously, the SCART is only capable of composite output - ie: left (white) and right (red) audio, and video (yellow).


      To resolve this I used a powered HDMI splitter (approx. £10), then fed the new HDMI feed to a powered HDMI to Component converter (approx. £35). Then take use the component output from this to feed the Slingbox.


      All resolution issues are now sorted.


      I suspect this will be the same issue & solution for a number of aspect ratio questions on here.

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          Thanks for your proposed hardware solution to getting wide screen output when using the Slingplayer app with Chromecast. Could you perhaps post links to the HDMI splitter and HDMI/Component converter equipment you are using.


          However given that the WD TV Live box can output wide screen format from exactly the same source as the Chromecast is accessing, it would be nice to think that the Sling or Google technicians can come up with a software solution to the problem


          John Buchanan