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    Proof that Time Warner Cable is throttling Slingbox

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      TWC Is Throttling Slingbox.jpg


      Over the last couple of days, I've noticed significantly reduced picture quality (connection speed) while watching remotely.  My Slingbox 350 at home is connected to 25/10 Mbps and my remote connection is 35/5 Mbps (both confirmed via speedtest.net) so I have more than enough bandwidth for a strong HD picture feed.  Indeed, things have been running very smoothly for months.  2 days ago, I noticed my Sling connection maxing out at around 200-250 KB/s.  After checking all other variables (none of which had changed over the last few days), I decided to connect via a VPN and viola!  Pristine HD picture quality has returned.  I've attached proof to show the difference in speed.  I have no doubt Time Warner Cable is throttling packets identified as Sling.  Once the data is encrypted and anonymized, connection speeds have returned to normal.  I'm not sure is there is anything Sling can do about this.  I don't want to always run Sling via a VPN.  TWC is just being artards for throttling Sling.  First they go after Netflix.  Now they're after Sling.  Just hope this post helps anyone else who is experiencing this.