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    Slingplayer will not run on my HTC Hero


      I downloaded the app ok and it installed ok.  But when I go to start the app, all I get is my screen going to landscape mode, it goes blank for about 1/2 sec then comes back the Android screen.  Nothing happens.  I have tried this many times.  I try to uninstall it, it will be refunded. Then If I try and install it again, I'll get charged again.  I don't want to have a chain of installs and uninstalls.


      Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

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          Apparently, Sling did not test it on a Hero. That's like not finding a battery for your Chevy or Ford. Mine has firmware 2.1 update 1 and Slingplayer crashes the same as yours. Have to decide whether to un-install and get a refund or wait it out.

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              Out of the blue, Slingplayer is working on my Sprint Hero. Talk about strange. This was the last app I was waiting for to make the complete switch from iPhone to Android. Although the word is iPhone will be on Verizon sometime around January 2011. No longer care as Android on Sprint does all I want and more.

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                ACC290075 Newbie

                SLing works on my Hero very well.  Or it did.  The phone crashed and I took it back to the cell store where they cleaned it back to factory defaults. Now I'm trying to figure out how to re-download.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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                    eferz Expert

                    Just redownload it from the Google Andriod Market (market://search?q=pname:com.slingmedia.slingPlayer)


                    If you have google googles you can use this image.







                    If you still can't find it...


                    There's actually a couple reasons  why the Slingplayer Mobile (SPM) for Android isn't showing up in the  Google Andriod Market Place.  This is because SPM is marked as a paid,  copy-protected application.  Google uses filters in the Android Mariet  to manage access based on sanctioned country, rom, and phone  combinations.


                    As  the link in your message shown, only a small subset of countries have  the ability to buy Andriod applications.  Despite that list, New Zealand  and Japan aren't able to purchase the application either.  The country  is determined by the SIM in your mobile device not by physical  location.  So, you could get around Google's filter by using a pre-paid  SIM from one of the supported countries.


                    The other filter is due to the  application being copy protected.  Google will govern your access based  on the "/system/build.prop" file.  If it is sanctioned, then Google will  have its fingerprint saved it in their database.  This can prevent  certain phone/ROM combination and rooted access from seeing any  copy-protected applications within the Andriod Market.


                    The  following link best describes the issue and possible workarounds (http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-spica/98024-protected-app-market-fix-tutorial-build-prop.html).