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    HDS-600RS recent problems

    BobShanghai Newbie
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      For about the last 4 weeks I am having problems with EchoStar HDS-600RS.

      Problem is this. When I watch the HDS remotely using Slingplayer (ipad or Android or PC), or with Slingcatcher, it starts up fine and works. If I then change the resolution (for example from 640x240 to 640x480), it works ok until I disconnect. BUT, when trying to reconnect it then fails and gives the common "unable to connect" message.

      Then, with slingplayer desktop (2.0.3), if I go to my saved slingboxes > edit > information, it connects to the HDS and receives back all the configuration information without problem (all settings are correct and normal). Clicking connect shows connecting, connected, then starting stream (as normal), but then after some time "there was a problem communicating with the slingbox. Try connecting again."

      The only way to fix this that I have found is to phone home and get them to cycle the power to the HDS.

      Once power has been cycled, the HDS works ok again and providing I keep the stream quality at 640x240, it will connect and re-connect reliably.

      Internet connection here (at receiving end) is 100M FTTH and at HDS end is 4M Uplink.

      As I say, this has only been happening for about the last 4 weeks, prior to this I never experienced this particular problem.

      I also have a pro-hd at the same location. This does not have the problem.

      Would appreciate any suggestions, I am out of ideas!