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    How do I reset HD PRO from SD to HD?

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      I upgraded cable to Xfinity HD DVR, after running my HD PRO with Xfinity SD Digital. Using the IE 11 plugin, I could access, the box, but, of course, video did not translate. There was, however, a play, pause icon that showed on top of the snow, in IE, which did, actually pause the live TV that I was watching. So, the HD PRO, seems clearly on the home network, hard wired I chose settings, to try to reset for new cable, but no setup choice appeared anywhere. After many tries, I did a factory reset on the box, expecting to get a choice to set it up, but the IE plug in is not giving me any choices at all, nor showing up either of the two slingboxes I have. I am sure I am missing something obvious, but if someone can help me get this up and running, I'd appreciate it very much